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We put our cards on the table

The SIMBA DICKIE GROUP’s company philosophy can be described in five words: We love to make toys. This philosophy is reflected in all aspects of our daily work and is expressed in values such as responsibility, reliability, innovation, quality and service.

We take responsibility for people and the environment and we comply with the standards set by the ICTI CARE process, ensuring fair working standards at all our sites, including those in China. By guaranteeing the wellbeing of our employees we are able to manufacture products that meet our ethical and moral standards.

We bear a great deal of responsibility towards the children who love our toys. And towards the parents who entrust us with their children. When selecting our materials we also place the utmost importance on tolerability. For this reason we only use high-quality materials in production. This is particularly important in areas where our young customers come into very close contact with the toy, so the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP only uses top-quality materials suitable for children.

The global success of the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP is supported by innovation and excellent product design. Our designers use instinctive flair and knowledge of the industry to develop products with a distinctive design and brand identity. The ultimate proof: the Product Design Award 2006 for the New BIG BOBBY CAR.

We love to make toys

The SIMBA DICKIE GROUP is a reliable partner – in all sectors of the toy industry and for customers and dealers alike. We can give this promise because our employees’ hearts are in it.

ICTI – Code of conduct
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The SIMBA DICKIE GROUP guarantees to observe the standards of the International Council of Toy Industries, which includes regulations relating to social standards, working conditions, job security and environmental protection.