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A safe game

Our product development is based on three pillars: visionary ideas, technical ability and state-of-the-art production technology – all of which happen at great speed. This means that Dickie’s RC models usually set their wheels in motion before their larger role models have got into gear. This pooling of skills enables us to react to customer requirements and offer strong-selling products.

Our development and production facilities are based at our own specialist companies in Germany and associated partner companies abroad. This allows the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP to react particularly quickly and guarantees the highest quality standards.

By working with internationally recognised testing institutes we meet the international safety standards. Fair conditions for all employees are guaranteed by our systematic implementation of the “Code of Conduct” and our status as an ICTI certified company.

The SIMBA DICKIE GROUP also attaches great importance to the conservation of the environment and resources. All of our production processes are therefore geared towards this goal.

We stay true to ourselves – and to you!

The SIMBA DICKIE GROUP develops and produces marketable and competitive products taking into consideration all aspects of ethical and ecological moral concepts.

ICTI – Code of conduct
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The SIMBA DICKIE GROUP guarantees to observe the standards of the International Council of Toy Industries, which includes regulations relating to social standards, working conditions, job security and environmental protection.