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Play without borders

Play is a part of life. For everyone, irrespective of age or background. In one way or another everyone enjoys the benefits and opportunities that play opens up to them.

Children learn to develop their social skills through play. Play stimulates their powers of concentration and develops their ability to work towards a goal. Young people hone their communicative skills through play: they benefit from group dynamics and develop social intelligence. Grown-ups find play a form of relaxation and entertainment and see it as a means to acquire new knowledge.

The SIMBA DICKIE GROUP offers a comprehensive range of high-quality products. From cuddly toys to board games, from dolls to RC models, as well as a large choice for hobbyists and collectors. A range for young people and adults of any age.

Classics like Eichhorn’s wooden railway, cult collector’s models from the long-established brand Schuco, and the famous BIG BOBBY CAR make the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP a key player in the premier toy sector.

A big family

Today the group encompasses the brands Simba, Dickie, BIG, Smoby, Eichhorn, Noris, Tamiya, Carson, Nicotoy, Schuco, Schipper, Zoch and Majorette. With this high level of expertise in all areas of the toy market, the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP is one of the top five in the industry.