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Novelties at the 69th Internationale Spielwarenmesse Nürnberg

We welcome all trade visitors

Our company is happy to welcome all trade visitors at the 69th International Spielwarenmesse 2018 with a wide range of outstanding toys.

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You can also find us on Facebook. Visit our site and get all the news and facts from the Simba Dickie Group.

We are an international corporation holding up family values.

It all began with our enthusiasm for toys and its production. Once a passion, has now grown into an international corporation. At the same time we have never forgotten the values of a family. And that´s why children come first.

We were born in Germany in 1982

Fritz and Michael Sieber started with their family and a handful of employees in a backyard. Since then a lot has changed:

4,000 products
20 brands
3,000 employees
30 sites worldwide
8 production facilities

We are an international corporation, breathing the spirit of family.

Our passion for toys has become a key aspect of our ventures

We strongly care about the children, their development and their fun when playing. Due to the worldwide activities of the Simba Dickie Group, other elements need to be taken into account, such as all people within and around our company.

We are Family

Playing makes children happy. Even more, playing is mother nature’s tutorial for life. While children play, they discover their talents and develop their skills. With our products we are part of a child’s development right from the beginning. That is our obligation. And our love for play enables us to fulfill this passion.

Business is people

The most successful corporations are those who cultivate their leading edge with great care. We are convinced: our edge in competition are the people. Our employees, business partners and everyone who buys our products – people from all over the world, united by their love for play.

We are driven by these values:

The toy production stretches from know-how to design, the production technologies, and to all used materials.

The design relies on experience in playing as well as the educational potential. Clearly all of our products are worry-free for children. In order to maintain sustainability for humans and the environment, our ”Corporate Responsibility” sets high standards for the used materials, as well for the production cycle.

Design & Development

Visionary ideas are our designers most powerful tools to create concepts and toys with high demand and recognition value. Ultimately this results in our strong brand identity, which guarantees a unique image worldwide.

Sustainabilty & Corporate Responsibility

With the choice of our materials, we ensure that our products are worry-free for children.This fact we guarantee as an international certified producer of toys. Our worldwide responsibility to society and future generations requires us to promote social equality and fair and safe working conditions combined with the protection of the environment in the countries we operate in.

Production Technology

Cutting-edge production technologies is an essential element of our product engineering. These enable us to bring strong-selling products on the market which guarantee top quality standards.

A modern brand family

We are the secure umbrella for a successful brand family. In that way, we provide a strong worldwide branding and standing for all our brands. And like in every real-life family, all age groups are represented. Therefore we carry a product range for young and old, covering all product categories from A – Z.

Shining brands with global reach

Our product portfolio consists of more than 4,000 articles ranging from traditional brands, collector’s models and classics, to current trend products. For that reason the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP plays a leading role worldwide.

Accelerating change

Future is made of change, accelerating more and more. In the toy market the technological aspects gain importance – and its products will develop in an even faster pace. New markets evolve, where we strive to be a major player.

Also the segment of classical toys will stay strong within our DNA. Our brand power in this market, combined with our culture of innovations, will create the best preconditions to thrive in the traditional toy market as well as in the digital world of toys.

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