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Picture gallery

Printable photos – free of charge for you!

01 Führungstrio (JPG)

Management trio: Company owner Michael Sieber (CEO, middle) with his directors Uwe Weiler (COO, left) and Manfred Duschl (CFO, right)

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02 Evi Love (JPG)

Lighting up children's eyes:
dress-up doll Evi Love from Simba Toys

Download_02 (ZIP / 3,32 MB)  

03 Porsche Schuco (JPG)

Original and miniature: Porsche 356 A Speedster from Schuco in a 1:43 scale

Download_03 (ZIP / 11,88 MB)  

04 BIG-Spielwarenfabrik 

Strong as a bull: facade of the BIG toy factory in Burghaslach

Download_04 (ZIP / 260 KB)  

05 Karosserie (JPG)

How a BIG BOBBY CAR is made: car body in the blow molding machine

Download_05 (ZIP / 9,68 MB)  

06 BIG-BOBBY-CAR Produktion (JPG)

Children's dreams, non-stop: BIG BOBBY CAR production in Burghaslach

Download_06 (ZIP / 10 MB)  


Classic: ride-on vehicle BIG BOBBY CAR

Download_07 (ZIP / 2,81 MB)  

08 Eichhorn Produktion (JPG)

Eichhorn production close to Prague: rails for the wooden railway being assembled

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09 Spielwarenproduktion Eichhorn (JPG)

FSC-certified wood: toy production at Eichhorn

Download_09 (ZIP / 3,75 MB)  

10 Verpackungen Schipper (JPG)

Accurate handiwork: stickers being applied to packaging at Schipper Arts&Crafts (painting by numbers)

Download_10 (ZIP / 5,79 MB)  

11 Mercedes Dickie (JPG)

Dream car for kids: Mercedes SLS as a miniature version from Dickie Toys

Download_11 (ZIP / 2,81 MB)  

12 Nicotoy Pluesch (JPG)

Loveable: soft and cuddly plush toys from Nicotoy

Download_12 (ZIP / 4 MB)  

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