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21. June 2012
Formidable Woman Power
The management team at Simba Toys Polska is notable for its competence. The office has steadily grown in recent years.
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14. June 2011
Off to the Champions League
In Italy, people buy big: toys are piled up in "grandi magazzini" alongside fitness equipment.
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05. April 2011
Softly on skates
When winter comes and the night draws in earlier, that’s when the fun really begins in Fillyland.
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14. December 2010
Viva Simba and Smoby Iberia!
A very special anniversary: Twenty years ago, the Fürth family firm ventured into the Spanish market. strongest and
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25. October 2010
In the land of the elephant: Squap takes India by storm
In cooperation with Simba Dickie Group, Nick India in Mumbai, the most popular children’s TV station in India, is introducing Squap.
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04. October 2010
Game, Squap and match: Squap wins the Suisse Toy Award 2010!
On Sept. 29th 2010 it was buzzing with excitement at “Suisse Toy” in Bern: who’s going to win the Suisse Toy Award 2010? The winner is Squap
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16. August 2010
Take a toy, an umbrella and a lot of charm
The British toy market is Europe’s largest: very important, very quirky, very challenging.
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26. July 2010
Toy Story: Summertime Superheroes
Hard to believe, but it’s fifteen years since TOY STORY made cinematic history as the first-ever fully computer-animated feature film.
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05. July 2010
The old fox and the young cub
After the headquarters in Fürth, the Hong Kong offices are the Simba Dickie Group’s main control center, from which its network stretches...
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18. January 2010
Adorable horses on track for a record
What does this little girl have in common with lots of other children? She just loves the tiny velvety horse Filly Princess. These are a...
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04. February 2009
Squap is nominated for the ToyAward 2009
The ultimate action and reflex game by SIMBA Toys is nominated for the ToyAward 2009 in the category Fun & Sport. 21 candidates were...
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11. December 2008
Germany’s Topmodel
Steffi Love is 21 years old and more modern than ever. She is staggeringly successful, although the market for girls’ toys is changing...
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07. November 2008
Baby doll, big scene
The cost of a TV spot featuring Disney Princesses is not much less than for a production with living models. Impressions of a shoot in...
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