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01. June 2017
Change to energy saving LED lighting
Environmentally conscious behavior is of high importance for the Simba Dickie Group. With a conscious, considerate and sustainable use...
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31. January 2017
New releases for the 68th International Toy Fair in Nuremberg
The Group will welcome trade visitors to the 68th International Toy Fair 2017 in Nuremberg with numerous new product releases.
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27. January 2016
New products for the 67th International Toy Fair in Nuremberg
The group will be welcoming trade visitors to the 67th International Toy Fair in 2016 with a multitude of new products.
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29. July 2015
The Golden Rocking Horse
Smoby Toys wins the famous toy prize with the Black+Decker workbench in the category "The stuff of children's dreams"...
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29. May 2015
1st June is Children's Day - joining in on the day: the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP
Children are the greatest - the most important thing there is, and we need to let them know.
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09. December 2014
A Superhero in 3D
British TV producer Nigel Stone wanted to create a series that his ten-year-old son would like.
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30. June 2014
The best World Cup of all time
Samba, beach and Sugarloaf Mountain. When the athletic Steffi thinks of sunny Brazil, it warms her heart in an instant.
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05. June 2014
How to keep in step in the land of samba
Brazil is an emerging nation, and said to have vast economic potential.
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24. March 2014
Raw materials, the foundations of success
The success of a company and its products depends today more than ever on a number of factors – ranging from quality to innovative strength
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24. February 2014
Style for everyone
Fashion and style were omnipresent themes even prior to the television shows with Heidi Klum and Claudia Schiffer.
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29. January 2014
Michael Sieber wins ToyAward 2014
A great start for Simba Dickie Group. At the opening ceremony for the 65th Toy Fair, Heros wins the ToyAward 2014 for its connecting blocks
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17. January 2014
A World of Experiences Toy Fair
Wenn ein Mensch 65 wird, denkt er langsam an die Rente, möchte einen Gang zurückschalten oder einfach das Leben genießen.
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29. October 2013
Simba Dickie Group on Facebook
Find us on Facebook. Visit our facebook page and find news and interesting facts about Simba Dickie Group.
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13. September 2013
The pioneer spririt, made in Russia
Galina Rass and Boris Pevzner have set up the Russian office of the Simba Dickie Group.
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04. September 2013
Working worldwide on behalf of the Simba Dickie Group
As Head of Production, Michael R. Raum is responsible for the production locations of the toymaker from Fürth.
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23. August 2013
Colourful & expressive
Since 1998 the Simba Dickie Group has helped sponsor the earlydevelopment initiative of Lebenshilfe im Nürnberger Land e. V.
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13. June 2013
Between Orient and Occident
The Simba Dickie Group has been represented with an office in Turkey since the end of 1999.
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22. May 2013
Stable and strong: The Swiss toy market
Think of Switzerland and the first thing that comes to mind is banks, expensive clocks, the whole precision industry.
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18. February 2013
With more than 1.2 billion people, India ranks second among the world‘s most-populated countries.
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28. January 2013
A worldwide success story
The Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair Nürnberg has been the leading trade fair in the toys sector for more than 60 years.
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13. August 2012
The Simba Dickie Group has production sites throughout the entire world
From Europe to Asia – The Simba Dickie Group is an internationally active company with its own production sites.
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16. July 2012
At home in the world of toys
Florian Sieber has been assisting the management of the Simba Dickie Group since January.
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21. June 2012
Formidable Woman Power
The management team at Simba Toys Polska is notable for its competence. The office has steadily grown in recent years.
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20. April 2012
Twitter, Facebook & Co.
Felix Stork: the Simba Dickie Group’s expert on new media.
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06. March 2012
YO-YO: Now also available as an e-paper
The corporate magazine of the Simba Dickie Group is now also available to its numerous readers in an online issue.
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30. January 2012
Teens and toys
What toys do kids today value the most? What do teenagers like to play with? What games to they buy themselves?
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11. February 2011
Trade fair chat
It’s the biggest get-together in the toy industry: the 2011 Nuremberg Toy Fair was attended by some 79,000 people in the toy trade.
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28. December 2010
A shopping tour around the showroom
For the last eighteen months, Simba Dickie Vertriebs GmbH has been inviting retailers to its shows at the firm’s headquarters in Fürth.
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31. May 2010
Lord of the Racks
The logistics centre in Sonneberg, Thuringia, is the hub of the Simba Dickie Group’s sales organization. This is where the containers...
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04. February 2010
Off the toy fair!
The biggest playground in the world will open its doors from 4 to 9 February, 2010. But this is not for kids. They will have to be...
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28. January 2010
SIMBA DICKIE GROUP announces its annual results
stable sales trend despite the economic crisis / earnings situation improved through consolidation measures
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29. January 2009
SIMBA DICKIE GROUP enjoys a positive annual result
Gratifying: turnover expectations exceeded
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26. January 2009
Do drop in!
Once a year something special happens in Nuremberg: the toy trade fair attracts some 80,000 buyers from 120 countries to the town. One of...
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