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03. November 2014
Little cars with a big reputation
Majorette is celebrating its 50th anniversary! The French brand for toy cars has been part of the Simba Dickie Group since 2010.
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14. December 2013
Design your own racing car!
When Majorette developed KlikCarz, it launched a multimedia spectacle with a comic, website, TV and online game.
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04. September 2013
Working worldwide on behalf of the Simba Dickie Group
As Head of Production, Michael R. Raum is responsible for the production locations of the toymaker from Fürth.
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15. April 2013
Lord of the Wheels
Oliver Naumann is the Managing Director of Dickie Toys and responsible for the Majorette, Dickie Toys, Schuco and Solido brands.
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21. June 2010
Bienvenue Majorette!
The Simba Dickie Group’s Franco-German network has just been extended: in February this year it acquired model car maker Majorette.
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