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30. June 2017
Summer, sun and water fun
Everybody has a different idea of the perfect summer: eating ice cream, going on holiday, swimming in the pool, or playing outside.
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17. January 2017
Gathering energy and strength for the year ahead
Listen to the snow crunch beneath your feet with every step. Feel invigorated with each breath of fresh air...
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22. July 2016
Stay-at-home holidays
Sometimes holidays have to be spent at home, especially if parents can't get the time off work or have other commitments during this period.
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29. May 2015
1st June is Children's Day - joining in on the day: the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP
Children are the greatest - the most important thing there is, and we need to let them know.
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10. March 2014
Entertaining, inspiring, good for children’s development
26 February marked the publication of the first issue of the new magazine, BIG Bobby-Car.
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04. September 2013
Working worldwide on behalf of the Simba Dickie Group
As Head of Production, Michael R. Raum is responsible for the production locations of the toymaker from Fürth.
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13. February 2012
Innovations and Classics
The International Nuremburg Toy Fair is the biggest industry meeting place.
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15. March 2010
Against the sun
BIG Bobby-Cars have long been available in a wide range of designs. Many car manufacturers have the children‘s push car produced in the...
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04. December 2008
Judges love the Bobby-Car
How nice: the Wuppertal district court returned a child-friendly verdict: playing noise does not constitute grounds for terminating a...
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25. August 2008
The search for the secret to the BIG Bobby-Car's success
The search for the secret of the BIG Bobby-Car's success takes us deep into the country, to the idyllic hamlet of Burghaslach in central...
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