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28. January 2015

Mystical, cute and totally tame: Safiras - the new collectables range from Simba Toys

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With the new Safiras dragon collectables range from Simba Toys, girls between the ages of four and nine years will be able to immerse themselves in the magical world of Tarakona.

In Tarakona, four families live in different regions: the earth dragons live in the woods, the air dragons live in the clouds, the water dragons live in the water and the fire dragons live in the volcanoes. They live peacefully and look after the equilibrium of the four elements. Each element dragon has its own special gemstone and this is what gives them the individual capabilities they need to survive the adventures in Tarakona. Only the naughty little shadow dragon Draki has no gemstone. So he tries to steal the gemstones from the other dragons. But he does this in such a clumsy way, that no one can be angry with him.

"We want to convey to children that you can only be strong when you work together", says Simba Toys Senior Product Manager, Thomas Röttenbacher. Children can learn about friendship, team spirit and community.

How did the Safiras come about?

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"On the search for a new collectables and play concept, we wanted to stay away from existing types of animals such as dogs, cats and horses, and create a unique world", explains Jürgen Deschner, Senior Marketing Manager at Simba Toys. Also, whilst researching the most important sales figures of collectable figures in Europe, it soon became clear that the dragon collectables theme offers great potential on grounds of its uniqueness.

Dragons are often considered to be angry, creepy and frightening. The idea that these mythical creatures are also capable of being funny, cute and interestingly mysterious is often placed in the background. And it is precisely these characteristics that make the Safiras from Simba Toys stand out, and therefore make them ideal for girls between four and nine years of age.

For the design of the figurines Simba Toys worked together with a local, freelance illustrator. In cooperation with the own design team they succeeded in taking a big, majestic, scary and often dangerous mythical creature and creating a cute and playful, cuddly dragon with big eyes.

All of these drawings ultimately led to the creation of 17 different characters, with each character having its own name, which according to each family, begins with the same letter.

The Safiras, whose name is derived from the beauty and healing properties of the famous sapphire gemstone, have different colour flocking depending on the specific element.

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So far, the product development process for the Safiras range has taken one and a half years and is still continuing, the aim is to extend the story of the element dragons in Tarakona, so that play worlds can be created in the future.

And to enchant young dragon fans even further with exciting stories on the adventures of the Safiras, this range of collectables is also going to have its very own publication. Six editions of the Safiras magazine will already be appearing this year in the Blue Ocean press, each of course with a great free gift - an original Safiras figure. What's more, Simba Toys is currently working on its very own Safiras song.

TV and print advertising, as well as online and POS activities are also planned. In addition to advertisements in magazines for young girls, there is also going to be a cover sampling in the "Total Tierlieb!" magazine from Blue Ocean.

display (JPG)Further chapters on the adventures of the Safiras are already being written and young dragon collectors can look forward to lots more fun and excitement with these unique element dragons.

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