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09. December 2014
A Superhero in 3D
British TV producer Nigel Stone wanted to create a series that his ten-year-old son would like.
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03. November 2014
Little cars with a big reputation
Majorette is celebrating its 50th anniversary! The French brand for toy cars has been part of the Simba Dickie Group since 2010.
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13. October 2014
We are flexible
Heros connecting blocks allow even small children to build sturdy, yet flexible structures.
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26. September 2014
From the advertising pillar to the museum
Nuremberg Toy Museum is world famous for its exhibits, which range from antiques to modern displays.
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29. August 2014
Out you go!
Playing is always fun, and even more so in the summer, when children can romp around outside to their heart’s content.
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01. August 2014
A strong team
A success story: The activities of the Simba Dickie Group in Hungary, Bulgaria and other eastern European countries.
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21. July 2014
Role models
Many fields today influence what children play and which focus areas develop in the toy industry.
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07. July 2014
Hunters and gatherers
Do you remember the inquisitiveness of your childhood? Do you remember what you collected?
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30. June 2014
The best World Cup of all time
Samba, beach and Sugarloaf Mountain. When the athletic Steffi thinks of sunny Brazil, it warms her heart in an instant.
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05. June 2014
How to keep in step in the land of samba
Brazil is an emerging nation, and said to have vast economic potential.
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28. May 2014
Squap² = Fun to the ² Power
Alone, in a group of two or on a team – it’s tons of fun no matter what!
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09. May 2014
In Tune with the times
Maximilian Stork, Product Manager of Simba Toys, in Interview.
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23. April 2014
Step-by-step to a dream house
Children love Smoby’s bright Wendy houses. But how is such a house made?
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07. April 2014
Shaping their own reality through playing
Play allows children to construct their own environment and express their individuality by means of specific toys.
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24. March 2014
Raw materials, the foundations of success
The success of a company and its products depends today more than ever on a number of factors – ranging from quality to innovative strength
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10. March 2014
Entertaining, inspiring, good for children’s development
26 February marked the publication of the first issue of the new magazine, BIG Bobby-Car.
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24. February 2014
Style for everyone
Fashion and style were omnipresent themes even prior to the television shows with Heidi Klum and Claudia Schiffer.
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29. January 2014
Michael Sieber wins ToyAward 2014
A great start for Simba Dickie Group. At the opening ceremony for the 65th Toy Fair, Heros wins the ToyAward 2014 for its connecting blocks
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17. January 2014
A World of Experiences Toy Fair
Wenn ein Mensch 65 wird, denkt er langsam an die Rente, möchte einen Gang zurückschalten oder einfach das Leben genießen.
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