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28. December 2013
The colours of a child’s world
Girls love pink, boys love blue. Where does this colour allocation come from? deeper underl
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14. December 2013
Design your own racing car!
When Majorette developed KlikCarz, it launched a multimedia spectacle with a comic, website, TV and online game.
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29. November 2013
Forever friends
With YooHoo & Friends – the new range of collectable animals by Simba Toys – the world looks that little bit better.
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18. November 2013
Merhaba from the land of sunshine and kindness!
In Turkey, people are always drinking tea and kindness is the most important personality trait.
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04. November 2013
On the needles, get set, go!
Crochet-it-yourself hats. The idea is just as ingenious as it is simple.
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29. October 2013
Simba Dickie Group on Facebook
Find us on Facebook. Visit our facebook page and find news and interesting facts about Simba Dickie Group.
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28. October 2013
Trick or treat?
At Halloween, children dress up, walk through the streets and knock on doors asking for sweets.
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07. October 2013
From plaything to toy
The great exhibition: "City of Toys: Nuremberg and the World of Toys" is a highlight, followed by a farewell.
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13. September 2013
The pioneer spririt, made in Russia
Galina Rass and Boris Pevzner have set up the Russian office of the Simba Dickie Group.
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04. September 2013
Working worldwide on behalf of the Simba Dickie Group
As Head of Production, Michael R. Raum is responsible for the production locations of the toymaker from Fürth.
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23. August 2013
Colourful & expressive
Since 1998 the Simba Dickie Group has helped sponsor the earlydevelopment initiative of Lebenshilfe im Nürnberger Land e. V.
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31. July 2013
From sketch to finished toy
Product designer Annalena Schieb has developed a line of wooden baby toys for Heros.
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08. July 2013
Tips on travelling with children
“If someone goes a-travelling, he’s got a story to tell…” This is a truism known even to the German poet Matthias Claudius (1740 – 1815).
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13. June 2013
Between Orient and Occident
The Simba Dickie Group has been represented with an office in Turkey since the end of 1999.
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22. May 2013
Stable and strong: The Swiss toy market
Think of Switzerland and the first thing that comes to mind is banks, expensive clocks, the whole precision industry.
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15. May 2013
On the trail of the worldwide toy industry
The NPD Group began collecting toy-industry data in 1967. It is one of the few research institutions in this field.
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29. April 2013
They only want to play
Role plays are an important building block in children‘s social and creative development.
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15. April 2013
Lord of the Wheels
Oliver Naumann is the Managing Director of Dickie Toys and responsible for the Majorette, Dickie Toys, Schuco and Solido brands.
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21. March 2013
Märklin’s future is secure
A long-awaited decision has now been taken: Michael Sieber and his son Florian have taken over model railway manufacturer Märklin.
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12. March 2013
Business tips for the chilly North
Finns like to hold business meetings in the sauna.
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18. February 2013
With more than 1.2 billion people, India ranks second among the world‘s most-populated countries.
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28. January 2013
A worldwide success story
The Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair Nürnberg has been the leading trade fair in the toys sector for more than 60 years.
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02. January 2013
Little wonders of technology
Just Schuco celebrated its 100th birthday.
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