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16. July 2012

At home in the world of toys

Florian Sieber has been assisting the management of the Simba Dickie Group since January.

The world of toys is not new to Florian Sieber. The son of CEO Michael Sieber has been familiar with them since childhood. As a 10-year-old boy he would have liked
nothing more than to attend the toy fair in Nuremberg. “But children weren’t allowed
on the trade fair premises,” he laments. Nevertheless, he was able to live out his passion for toys in the company’s own showroom. “It was like paradise for me,”
he explains holding back a laugh. It was therefore a logical step for the now 26-year-old to jump into the family business. But before that he completed a course of study in business management that led him from Frankfurt through Spain and France to a Master’s Degree.

Florian_Sieber_218x159_02 01 (JPG)Florian Sieber obtains information about
production procedures in the BIG factory in Burghaslach.

Since February of this year, he has been
working for his father Michael Sieber as
well as Uwe Weiler and Manfred Duschl
as an assistant to the management of
the Simba Dickie Group. He will also
be more involved in production in the

Experiences collected abroad
In order to become familiar with the industry, Florian Sieber worked with Androni Giocattoli from September to December 2011. He collected his first experiences in the field of production with the cooperating partner company of the Simba Dickie Group in Italy. For Florian Sieber it was initially important to familiarise himself with the different production sites worldwide and so visited each one accompanied by Michael R. Raum, Head of Production for Simba Dickie Group. He was therefore able to gain an overview of the Group’s rapid expansion in production capacity in the last few years. This was as a result of the takeover and integration of the Group’s own production capacities over the years. This is also apparent in the takeover and integration of the German companies BIG, Noris, Schipper, Zoch and Heros as well as the French factories of Smoby Toys, Pico in Spain, Eichhorn in the Czech Republic and Majorette in Thailand.

Florian_Sieber_218x159_03 00 (JPG)Florian Sieber at the Majorette factory in Thailand.

One thing is clear for Florian Sieber: “The production sector will become more and more important in the company in the coming years as well.” The Simba Dickie Group could therefore continue to grow in the future while simultaneously making itself independent of the Far East, which has been leading the toy production sector so far. Other aspects indicating the expansion of production in Europe include higher flexibility due to shorter transport routes and better monitoring of the entire supply chain in order to guarantee the best quality and ensure capacities in the future as well. Communication is also simpler within the Group due to the geographic proximity. It is therefore another step towards the future of the Group.

Florian_Sieber_Vitae_eng_218x328 (JPG)Friendly interaction
While Florian Sieber retains his strategic
world view and is always meeting new people on his trips as part of his activities in the company, one thing is still especially important to him: everyday interaction with others. Openness and friendliness with co-workers are therefore of utmost importance to Florian Sieber, for that is just how his new “bosses” in management welcomed him.

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