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27. December 2011
Gracias a la vida
It’s long, narrow and crammed with incredible natural beauty: Chile is one of the most fascinating countries in South America.
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07. December 2011
Happy Christmas!
With 48 sites in 30 different countries, the Simba Dickie Group is at home all over the world.
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22. November 2011
Petrol in the blood
Every November hundreds of white-gloved hands stroke these magnificent vehicles.
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07. November 2011
It`s magic!
Visit the El Conte de la Pilar toyshop in Mataró, north of Barcelona, and you’ll immediately be reminded of how children see the world.
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25. October 2011
Rampage now please!
Summertime in the garden was great.
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05. October 2011
Riding high in the north
Simba Dickie Nordic manages sales in three countries: Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
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19. September 2011
A walk on the chocolate side
A small country with a lot of rules.
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29. August 2011
Speedy worms and super sleuths carry off the prizes
Zoch Verlag has cause for a double celebration.
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03. August 2011
The best time of year
The kids are playing quietly in the sand, mum is reading and dad has gone off snorkelling.
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14. June 2011
Off to the Champions League
In Italy, people buy big: toys are piled up in "grandi magazzini" alongside fitness equipment.
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08. June 2011
Commitment to France as Production Site
A dream beginning for the new toy centre of SMOBY TOYS.
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08. June 2011
YO-YO goes Tablet
Following the successful launch of the YO-YO iPad app, the Simba Dickie Group is now going one step further.
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27. May 2011
Winners’ Podium for Racing Worms
Zoch Verlag has started off in the battle for the title of “Children’s Game of the Year 2011” with a worm race.
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03. May 2011
Sacred cows and multitasking
India is one of the world’s fastest growing countries.
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19. April 2011
A heart for children
The calculation is simple: wherever there are lots of children, there is a high demand for toys.
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05. April 2011
Softly on skates
When winter comes and the night draws in earlier, that’s when the fun really begins in Fillyland.
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22. March 2011
Love in every stich
Belgium is a small country. Despite this, everyone has heard of Belgian chocolate, Belgian fries and Belgian beer.
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08. March 2011
Touch wood
Wooden toys used to be made where the raw material came from: in the woods.
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11. February 2011
Trade fair chat
It’s the biggest get-together in the toy industry: the 2011 Nuremberg Toy Fair was attended by some 79,000 people in the toy trade.
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17. January 2011
When falang meets frog
Dream beaches, mountains, grand temples – the Kingdom of Thailand attracts tourists from all over the world.
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