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Smoby Friends House
23. April 2014

Step-by-step to a dream house

Children love Smoby’s bright Wendy houses. But how is such a house made? YO-YO was there from the outset to watch those in charge at the French manufacturer at work.
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Charming trio in Britain
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The British toy market is Europe's largest: very important, very quirky, very challenging. In 2009, the Simba Dickie Group set a trio of experts to work in Leeds. Their target: the UK. Their objective: conquest.

Developmental psychology

Play allows children to construct their own environment and express their individuality by means of specific toys. more ...

Raw Materials

The success of a company and its products depends today more than ever on a number of factors – ranging from quality to innovative strength more ...

BIG Bobby-Car magazine

26 February marked the publication of the first issue of the new magazine, BIG Bobby-Car. more ...


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