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Legendary automobiles and nippy sportsters – that's the dynamic world of SOLIDO. The brand is known particularly for its high fidelity to the originals and the irresistible appeal of its realistic looks. Enough to bring a gleam to the eyes of any car enthusiast, great or small.



1932: Ferdinand de Vazeille starts manufacturing zinc diecast toys. SOLIDO's first miniature is a commercial model for a car dealer supplying the legendary Bougie Gergovia.

1950: In the 1950s more and more toy cars are copies of the real thing. SOLIDO produces 1:43 scale models. At this stage the target group is children, especially boys.

1970: In the 1970s SOLIDO turns its attention to collectors and vintage-car enthusiasts. It starts with 1:43 pre-war models (1925-1939).

1980: SOLIDO is taken over by Majorette.

1987: The Bugatti Royale Coupé Napoléon 1930 is the first model in the 1:18 Prestige range.

1989: SOLIDO starts developing promotional miniatures for manufacturers Renault, Citroën and BMW.

1992: Majorette and SOLIDO are forced into insolvency and in 1993 are taken over by Idéal Loisirs, which is in turn acquired by Triumph-Adler.

2003: Majorette and SOLIDO join the Smoby group, which gives them the joint name of Smoby Majorette. However, in 2007 Smoby itself becomes insolvent.

2008: Majorette and SOLIDO are acquired by French investor MI 29.

2010: The SOLIDO brand, along with Majorette, becomes part of the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP.