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The world of France's largest toy manufacturer is a colorful one. Fun in playing and delight in moving are what these high-quality playhouses, slides, toy kitchens, tricycles and much more are all about. Healthy and safe playing that develops the child's motor skills and social abilities – this is Smoby.



1924: Company founding in Lavans-lès-Saint-Claude under the name Moquin-Breuil, originally specializing in the production of wooden tubes.

1945: After World War II, the company switches to producing household articles made of plastic.

1970: Company renamed Smoby. Start of toy production.

2003 - 2005: Takeover of toy companies Majorette, SOLIDO and Berchet.

2007: Smoby-Majorette is placed under creditor protection. Initiation of insolvency proceedings.

2008: The SIMBA DICKIE GROUP is granted permission to take over parts of former Smoby SA by the commercial court in Jura. The new Smoby Toys SAS is founded.

2009: Smoby Toys appears for the first time at the Toy Fair in Nuremberg as new family member of the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP.

2010: Smoby starts product initiative for role play and outdoor toys.