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You too can produce a miniature masterpiece, even without previous experience: that's the secret of the success of Schipper Arts & Crafts' Paint-by-Numbers. Originally intended for children, since 1969 this clever idea has attracted a large number of grown-up devotees, who simply want to enjoy a moment's peace and quiet in the midst of their daily routine – and the thrill of having made something for themselves.



1948: Alwin Schipper buys a redundant mirror factory in Fürth and starts producing pocket mirrors.

1969: Jürgen Schipper discovers Painting by Numbers in the USA and develops his own first paint-by-numbers design.

1971: A German department store adds Paint-by-Numbers to its range and sells 3,000 kits during its Christmas sales drive.

1983: Hans-Claudius Adloff, a partner in the firm, retires. At the year end the firm ceases production.

1985: Jürgen Schipper founds J. Schipper Hobby-Ideen in an erstwhile candle factory in Nuremberg and starts manufacturing do-it-yourself kits for pictures to go in windows or under glass.

1987: A novelty hits the market: Paint-by-Numbers using acrylic paints.

1996 - 2007: The big breakthrough: the "Reklame-Nostalgie" series, reproducing old commercials.

2008: NORIS-SPIELE takes over the firm and re-names it Schipper Arts & Crafts.

2009: The range includes 120 designs for both children and adults.