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NORIS-SPIELE is a determinedly versatile and very modern firm. Its board games and party games move with the times and incorporate the latest trends – but above all, they are fun. In 2008 the firm took in Schipper Arts & Crafts, a firm with tradition that brought Paint by Numbers from the USA to Germany. The product range was further extended in 2010 with the acquisition of Zoch, offering high-value original "designer" games with cult potential.



1907: NORIS-SPIELE founded by Georg Reulein.

1911: Start of own production in Nuremberg.

1935: Manufacturing moves to a new factory at Waldstraße 82, Fürth. The range already includes 200 games.

1946: The Nuremberg factory is rebuilt, having been totally destroyed in the Second World War.

1954: A new factory is built in the Waldstraße in Fürth.

1960: The range is extended to include licensed games based on popular TV programmes.

2001: NORIS-SPIELE becomes part of the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP.

2007: NORIS-SPIELE moves to the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP's headquarters at Werkstraße 1, Fürth.

2008: NORIS-SPIELE takes over J. Schipper-Hobby-Ideen (Paint-by-Numbers), which changes its name to Schipper Arts & Crafts GmbH.

2010: NORIS-SPIELE brings Zoch Verlag, a Munich-based "think tank", into the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP family.