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A child's first toy is especially important. This is why the soft figures from Nicotoy are of the very highest quality and irresistibly cuddly. The unique plush fabric quality captivates adults as well. The product is characterized by a loving design and attention to detail.



1987: Founding of company Nicotoy. Start of distribution of plush fabric articles and Simba Toys products.

1993: Nicotoy acquires Intex distribution rights in Belgium.

2000: The company acquires the master toy license from Walt Disney for the soft toy segment in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

2001: Nicotoy employs three full-time designers and launches its own children‘s soft toy line in the market.

2003: Expansion of distribution rights for Walt Disney to France.

2006: Nicotoy becomes part of the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP.