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For more than 60 years, Eichhorn has been offering a large, colorful range of wooden toys in first-rate quality. Eichhorn encourages the healthy development of children through playing and stimulates the imagination. Since 2008, almost all of the wood processed has been internationally certified by the FSC ® (Forest Stewardship Council). This non-governmental, non-profit organization campaigns for the environmentally friendly, socially acceptable and economical use of the forests of our Earth. The SIMBA DICKIE GROUP is one of the first toy manufacturers in the world to get involved in this way.



1949: Hermann Eichhorn founds the company in his home town of Egglham in the Rottal-Inn district in Lower Bavaria. The first products are wooden blocks for puzzles. Soon after this, Eichhorn invents the first wooden railway: small locomotives and wagons which travel on wooden rails and are joined together by magnets.

1950: Eichhorn becomes the market leader in the wooden toy segment. In peak times, the company employs up to 350 members of staff.

1995: The company finds itself in financial difficulty. Hermann Eichhorn files for bankruptcy.

1998: The SIMBA DICKIE GROUP takes over the company.

1999: Production is relocated to the Czech Republic in the small town of Netvořice, around 30 kilometers south of Prague. Many wooden products are still produced by hand.

2007: Eichhorn expands its product range to include garden toys.

2008: Eichhorn sells more than 400,000 trains, 250,000 packets of wooden blocks and 1.7 million puzzles every year. New products include children‘s furniture and "Eichhorn Outdoor".

2010: The new line Eichhorn THE COLLECTION is launched.

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