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dickie-logo (JPG)Little racer, big seller: DICKIE TOYS operates just as swiftly, powerfully and flexibly in the worldwide toy market as the car models do.

The brand is one of the market leaders in the remote-controlled vehicles segment. The range of technically fast-paced toys, from police cars to cranes, diggers to tractors to airplanes, is constantly adapted in line with the latest trends.



1971: Wolfgang Sauerborn founds the toy company Sauerborn & Stübinger.

1978: DICKIE TOYS Hong Kong is founded.

1984: Sauerborn renames his company DICKIE Spielzeug in Germany, DICKIE TOYS internationally.

1993: Wolfgang Sauerborn dies at the age of 49 when his learjet crashes at Cologne airport. In October, Simba Toys acquires the company. The SIMBA DICKIE GROUP success story begins.

1994: Construction vehicles with light and sound find their way into the product range.

1995: First licenses: attention is drawn by the contract with soon-to-be-record-holder Formula 1 Champion Michael Schumacher with a Benetton RC race car.

2000: The RC Unimog from DICKIE becomes model of the year.

2008: For the first time in the company's history, DICKIE TOYS is granted a master toy license from Walt Disney.

2011: DICKIE TOYS receives the RC licenses for "Cars" and Formula 1 from Red Bull with World Champion Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber. DICKIE thus broadens its Red Bull portfolio with a magnificent highlight.