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big_logo (JPG)Some 98 percent of Germans know the
BIG-BOBBY-CAR. The famous ride-on cars
roll off the production line in the market town
of Burghaslach in Central Franconia.

These have been joined by numerous variations of the classic, as well
as tractors, bikes and other vehicles. BIG stands for innovation, design and a safe way to have fun playing, made in Germany.



1954: Graduate engineer Ernst A. Bettag takes over Fürth-based metal working factory Johann Höfler. 1.2 million of his first metal car, "Racing Car", are sold within a year.

1956: Bettag switches to plastic and invents ride-on vehicles.

1962: The company is renamed BIG-Spielwarenfabrik.

1966: The buffalo, the heraldic animal of the brand, adorns a product for the first time.

1972: The first BIG-BOBBY-CAR is presented at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg.

1984: A phenomenal 281,581 BIG dominos fall down in a row in front of a live camera – a record that sets a sales wave in motion. In the same year, the "Peppermint Hula" rekindles Hula Hoop fever.

1985: Children‘s tractor BIG John is the first pedal vehicle in the world with a realistically working front shovel.

1998: A fire destroys the BIG factory in Fürth.

1999: The new BIG production headquarters are built within just 16 months in Burghaslach.

2003: Ernst A. Bettag passes away.

2004: The SIMBA DICKIE GROUP takes over BIG-Spielwarenfabrik. CEO Michael Sieber invests around ten million euros in Burghaslach in the years to follow.

2009: The range now comprises around 200 BIG toys.

2010: BIG launches colorful construction site vehicles and emergency vehicles with the line BIG-POWER-WORKER and extended the line 2014 with the BIG Maxi trucks, large play vehicles in original construction design. Robust quality specially designed for the ergonomics of small children‘s hands.

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