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Simba Toys brings together a whole host of brands and thus covers a broad spectrum of playing fields. One of the key advantages that Simba Toys offers to both trade partners and consumers is the consistent division of its extensive product range into clearly positioned product lines.

The mini dolls, fashion dolls, play dolls and functional dolls that are covered by brands such as Steffi Love and Flowee are a major focal point. The product range also includes items for babies, small children and pre-school children such as ABC. Brands such as Art & Fun and Color Me Mine cover the creative area, and My Music World is aimed at children who are interested in music.

Simba has an extensive range of sand toys, water pistols, flying games und soap bubble toys for the Outdoor and Sport area. One particular highlight is the Squap, which enthrals children and teenagers worldwide.

An international and permanent collaboration between product managers and designers on the product range ensures that all toys are tailored exactly to the children’s needs.



1982: Fritz and Michael Sieber found the company Simba Toys. From the very first day, they concentrate on traditional toys, such as dolls, board games, soft toys and wooden toys.

1983: The first baby articles are launched in the market.

1984: Simba Toys Hong Kong is founded.

1985: The first top seller: the "Bear Family" sells more than one million and, by 1987, reaches a sensational 4.8 million bears sold.

1987: Dress-up doll Steffi Love is established in the market.

1995: A yo-yo wave exceeds all expectations – more than ten million of the game of skill are sold.

1996: Evi Love, Steffi Love‘s little sister, enhances the product range.

2001: Simba Toys is granted the exclusive European license to manufacture and market dress-up doll "Disney Princess" from Walt Disney. In the same year, Simba Baby is created as its own segment.

2007: Simba Baby and Simba Play & Learn are separated into two independent segments.

2009: Squap, the ultimate skill ball game, makes its debut and is destined to become a global success within the next few years.

2010: The Fillys are Germany's best-selling collector figures.

2013: Flowee flower fairies with their unique transformation function are introduced to the market, and the Color Me Mine creative product line establishes itself in many countries.


Simbatoys Brands

3D Puzzle
Puzzle fun in the third dimension!

The 3D jigsaw puzzle provides unforgettable jigsaw fun for young and old. It's not assembled on a flat table, but in a three-dimensional space. The result is sturdy three-dimensional buildings and places of interest made from high quality jigsaw pieces, which fit together perfectly with no need for glue.


Discover your creative side!

Art & Fun is the creative range that helps children to discover and develop their creative talents through crafts, modelling, drawing and painting. Children in the core target group of 3-8 are encouraged to develop their potential and test out ideas through play. The Art & Fun range is divided into various themes that are indicated by a colour code on the packaging:

Beads and sequins
Painting accessories, mandalas, stencils and sketch boards
Soft dough and accessories
Mosaics, ironing beads, stamping and paper craft sets


Trust from the very beginning!

The ABC brand accompanies babies and young children from their early months and helps them discover their world. To help choose the right ABC toys we have age recommendations, and our toys are divided into the categories of plush toys, rattles, teething rings, music boxes, bath toys, walkers, musical toys, electronic learning, and push along toys. Needless to say, quality and safety are a top priority.


Steffi LOVE
Steffi LOVE – I like you!

Getting dressed, getting changed, styling herself - that's what Steffi likes doing best. Steffi LOVE is a real fashion doll. She
loves stylish clothes, trendy hairstyles, her horses, and of course her husband Kevin and little sister Evi. The core target group of the Steffi LOVE Fashion Doll are girls aged between 4 and 9 years old, who love dressing and styling their dolls in current fashion trends. The Steffi LOVE range comprises lots of different categories including fashion, fairytale, animal, horse and domestic worlds.


Little Evi - big adventures!

Evi is Steffi Love's cute little sister. Like Steffi, she has amazing long hair, countless hobbies, loves animals and is perfectly dressed for every occasion. The core target group for little Evi are girls aged between 3 and 7 years old. The Evi LOVE range comprises lots of different categories including fashion, fairytale, animal, horse and domestic worlds.


The ultimate in bath-time fun!

Tired of boring baths? Then it's time for Glibbi! Glibbi changes water into Glibber and guarantees bath-time fun and a completely new bath-time experience. Glibbi can be used in the bath or paddling pool and is available in the colours Lava Red, Deep Sea Blue, Jungle Green and Princess Pink. Dermatologically tested and suitable for children from 18 months.


Designer bags!

The creative "Color Me Mine" range is everything that a fashion-conscious girl aged 4 to 9 could desire. All the bags can be individually coloured using the coloured pens supplied to create truly unique pieces. Once the personalised bag is finished, it'll become an indispensable companion. The range includes the Mini Roll Bag, Fashion Handbag, Bow Bag, Hipster, Backpack, Messenger Bag, Fashion Bag, The Courier, The Weekender and lots more.


This is where the music's at!

My Music World provides young pop stars with all they need to make music and sing. The extensive range includes instruments with an MP3 connection, microphone, keyboard, wind, percussion and stringed instruments in lots of great designs to appeal to a wide age range of boys and girls between 3 and 10 years old.
New: the My Music World "Girls" range with musical instruments for girls.


Chi Chi LOVE
Little dog, big love!

The soft and cuddly Chi Chi LOVE plush dogs pick up on current fashion themes and come with clothes, a stylish bag, and lots of fantastic accessories. For girls in the core target group of 4-9 years, the chihuahuas are indispensable fashionable companions and friends for life.


The world of games!

Whether young or old, big or small, Games & More provides fun, excitement and entertainment for every age, and promotes the motor skills, knowledge and tactical understanding through play. The range includes games of skill, board games, dice games and travel games.


Magical flower fairies!

Flowees transport young girls to a place where nature combines its magical forces. In this magical world flowers are transformed into unique Flowee flower fairies with wings and dresses made of petals. Flowees combine the themes of nature, magic and transformation in a wonderful new and appealing way to delight girls in the core target age group of 4-9 years.